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Micronization, or fine milling, significantly reduces the size of particles by grinding to improve dissolution, absorption rates and content uniformity. Cannopy’s micronization technology was specifically developed to meet the growing demand for micronized cannabinoid in the nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, both industries in which smaller, uniform particle size can greatly improve the manufacturing process and product performance.

The use of micronized hemp particles increases the bioavailability of cannabinoid-infused products and customer satisfaction. Such products have been shown to have a better taste and mouthfeel due to reduced grittiness and improved viscosity and absorption, as in the case of cannabinoid creams, gels and lotions.

Cannopy will work with you to adapt hemp particles to the particle size of your other ingredients in order to shorten blending times, alleviate issues with product uniformity and to ensure less ingredient separation during manufacturing and transport.

Based on our solid regulatory, analytical, and manufacturing knowledge, Cannopy works with you to develop a validation plan tailored to your needs. Our validation services comply with cGMP guidelines and includes protocol development and execution, which will help carry your project into its commercial phase.