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Hemp Phyto Chemicals

Hemp based Phyto Chemicals products have long been touted for their plethora of health benefits and valuable effects. We offer a strong variety of product streams, those being: Whole Plant Extracts, Cannabinoids, and Flavanoids / Terpenoids. Each of these three classes of products provides unique opportunity for product development and research. Our technology department is prepared to work with clients to custom design raw ingredients and finished products that we can guarantee will meet and exceed any of their needs.

Whole Plant Extracts

Science continuously finds that preparations of the entire plant, or all of the plant’s principal biochemical components, is most beneficial, and this is when the most abundant nutraceutical qualities emerge. The combined or compounded effects of biochemical profile proves to be unique in that their action is typically multiplied when found in concert with one another. This occurs in a cascade of bioactivity known as the entourage effect. This further allows for the manipulation of biomedical functionality and could lead towards a path of more naturalistic design in modern therapeutics.


Cannabinoids are a class of chemical compounds found in Hemp that interact with our internal system. Cannabinoids are one of the most attractive new areas of study within natural products due to the limitless potential they hold for future therapeutics.

Flavonoids / Terpenoids

The secondary series of hemp based phyto chemicals we are offering is derived of the Flavonoid / Terpenoid fraction. What is unique about this class of chemicals is that its action is typically most found and beneficial when occurring in concert with the cannabinoid fraction in a cascade of bioactivity known as the entourage effect. This is an aspect of research in the hemp realm that shows great promise for establishing our true evolution with this cannabis plant.

Omega Series Essential Fatty Acids

The last class of significant or healthfully valued components is the Omega Fatty Acids found in Hemp. These highly prized oils are utilized biologically by humans and are praised for everything from supporting vital organ function to potentiating biochemical neurotransmissions on demand. Prior to our work with hemp, numerous members of our scientific staff worked in the nutraceutical chemistry field specializing in separations of functional lipids.

Refinement and isolation of Hemp Seed Oil is also of great value in the formulation/production of dietary supplements, functional foods, nutraceutical intermediates, designer/organic extract dispersion oils, etc. Formulating your products with a highly refined oil allows for higher nutrient value or more narrowed range of therapeutic effects in the instance of isolation.