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The amazing properties of Industrial Hemp have the potential to revolutionize the construction industry. Moving towards more sustainable and longer-lasting plant based construction products is an absolute necessity of the future. Industrial Hemp will help pave the way, literally. The two major construction lines we manufacture are: hemp-based insulation/insulation additives, and hemp based concrete (HempCrete) additives.

Hemp Insulation

Hemp insulation offers an overall improved insulating capacity in comparison to other modern insulations, used in both commercial and residential applications. Hemp insulation not only improves product performance, but also the product lifetime. It allows greater breathability so that humidity and moisture can escape and do not lend to mold, mildew, rot, or other moisture derived issues. Hemp insulation also has a better ability to thermoregulate, assisting in internal temperature regulation, which will save countless dollars spent on residential and commercial climate control.

Our Hemp insulation and insulation additives are produced from a number of basic compositions we have for different applications, and we also offer custom tailoring of our insulation/additive/mixtures to suit the clients use.


HempCrete, like other hemp based products, offers novel performance when compared to current or modern concretes. Aside from the fact that drastically reduces cost, it affords stagger tensile strength, durability, breathability, and is far more environmentally friendly.

Our HempCrete additives are designed to be blended with traditional lime/sand/water mixtures. We can provide assistance in both the blending and formulation of HempCrete products based on our clients’ local and available materials.