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Milling / Pelletizing

Industrial, consumer goods and construction products manufacturers require reliable, standardized materials to create their products. To meet this need for commoditized hemp materials, we mill hemp plant material to exact specifications and particle size in order to create uniform material for use in a wide variety of applications and products, such as hemp concrete, plastics, animal feed and insulation.

This material can also be pelletized, a process that which mitigates dust, eases product transportation and storage challenges, and eliminates waste. Pelletizing also allows for a significant amount of product customization. For example, other materials can be added to the pellets and a number of variables adjusted to target specific end-product parameters, such as particle size distribution, crush strength, flowability, and more.

Cannopy Corporation’s facilities are capable of:

Milling80-120 Metric Tons Per Day
Pelletizing60-100 Metric Tons Per Day