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Our ultimate goal at Cannopy Corporation is to nurture and grow the hemp industry. An important factor for this growth is the ability to provide standardized materials on which manufacturers can rely to build their finished products. To that end, we offer a host of innovative hemp processing capabilities that make use of the whole plant, eliminate waste, conserve resources, and ensure that our manufacturing customers receive quality uniform materials each and every time. Our Colorado headquarters facility is built specifically to handle the entire cannabis plant: seed, flower and fiber all have dedicated buildings for processing.

Logistics for transportation to various buildings allows for rapid off loading and weight recording for ticketing of goods or bio-mass and for further pick-up of intermediary or finished products or for exiting the headquarters site.

Biomass Separation and Classification

Whether hemp crops are harvested by hand or sophisticated machinery, they require separation and classification in order to take full advantage of the yield. We have developed a highly efficient mechanized assembly line that effectively separates and sorts plants into stalks, leaf material and seeds. These materials are then subjected to further processing depending on their end use.

Stalk Processing

Loose stalk or bales enter our commodity pit where they are then placed into process for milling size, classification and micronization or diverted to pelletizing formulation.

Seed Processing

Through this process, seeds are commercially cleaned and sorted for replanting or registered in a chain of custody to an independently controlled storage silo for further processing as food or oil. Seeds intended for consumption are then dehulled and deshelled, leaving behind the highly valued hemp hearts, which are then collected and cleaned again before final packaging or pressing into hemp seed oil. To extract hemp oil, we use a highly engineered, high-pressure cold press to produce a high quality food grade oil and hemp seed meal. Both are high in protein and ideal for use in functional foods or in nutritional supplements/dietary replacements.

Flower Processing

Flower is either placed in controlled storage, milled, pelletized and moved through commercial processing or into controlled storage again. Registered chain of custody controls allow product to enter commercial extraction pneumatically for batch recording.